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03-08-2013, 02:18 AM
But those other concerns... are just that: other concerns. The logic he used to provide his answer holds up to a question other than the question that was asked- which is the point of my comment. Yes, not knowing what you're actually facing is a completely valid point.

But saying that people would not pay 25$ to buy a standalone console isn't a valid point because that's not what the person asked or implied in the first place.

And again, Cryptic has already done something like this with the mirror ships, so we know that it's possible to do, and that it actually makes them money- or else they wouldn't be doing it.

I guess what I'm saying is that you should actually reply to the actual words that were spoken, if you cite a specific question.

If a user says "could you make it so I could swap the costume on my star cruiser with the costume from the regent?" then replying to that might look something like "We could, but it would make identifying the actual ship you're flying difficult in PVP, and that might cause issues"

That's a real and on topic answer to what was asked.

However if you answered instead "Deflectors don't come with [sdc]x3 because it would be too unbalanced", that's an answer that isn't an answer to the question that was asked. It's internally logical- deflectors don't come with sdcx3 because it would be unbalanced- but it has nothing to do with the actual cited question.

Anywaways, I'd expect that if they ever implemented this sort of thing as proposed, it would be size and hull shape-ish stuff. So you might be able to swap between 'big long' cruisers, like the oddy, the sovereign, or the star cruiser. Or the short big cruisers, like the Galaxy, Ambassador, or fleet heavy cruiser retrofit, to give some examples.

We're already in a game where there are a number of different boff layout options for ships that are visually identical- most notable in the MVAM/advanced escorts, but also present in other ships. Beyond knowing that you're fighting a cruiser, or an escort, or the like- and if it's a big or small one, that isn't too much to adapt to.

I mean, of course it's change, and change is always bad right? But I don't think it'd be too hard to look at the buffs running on your opponent and go "Well gee, he can cloak and has a bunch of tac skills, and he's in an aquarius looking ship- he's probably actually a fleet tactical retrofit- I mean if that sort of thing actually matters to you.

For me, I'd probably go "Well gee, he's running two copies of tac team, torp spread 3 and beam overload 3, that means he's either running a fleet tac retrofit, a mirror patrol escort, an aquarius, a fleet saber retro or any of the other little dinky escorts with the CMDR/LTC tactical boff seating. Ultimately the little details there aren't derived from what his ship looks like- they're derived from being able to see what powers he's using

EDIT: Also, wrt to 'I'd buy the new ship and then never buy anything else'- uh, exactly what do you mean by that? I mean, how is that any different from what you're doing now? You have a ship you like, but you don't like the costume. The stats are perfect but the costume sucks. How does that give you incentive to buy a new ship with different stats and a costume? Like how does that interact at all?

I mean I agree that if I could buy a ship that came with a costume I wanted to use for a different ship, I would buy it. I would then use that costume on my existing ship.

However, I contest that this would predispose me towards not purchasing any more ships- if something new and cool with a cool layout comes out, I would probably buy it. If something with a cool costume or other visual options came out, I would probably buy it.

But if it didn't have anything to attract me to buy it in the first place... nothing has changed compared to how it works now.

That's the logical disconnect I keep running into and having difficulty with- if a ship doesn't have anything to entice you to buy it, why would you buy it in the first place?

I would think you wouldn't- but your argument implies that if you couldn't change the costume on the ship you prefer to fly, you would somehow be compelled to buy new ships, even if you hated everything about them.

How does that even work?

EDIT2: to use your own example: What if the Galaxy you want came out next week? By your own logic, you would never buy anything from Cryptic ever again. Ergo, it is in Cryptic's best interest to never release new ships, because players might like them and never buy anything ever again.... wait.

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