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The USS Naivete is contracted by Starfleet to a Delta Quadrant NGO seeking to spread Telsian goodwill to other parts of the galaxy. The half-Telsian captain wears a neutral coloured uniform that honours Starfleet style. The crew are local subcontractors. From left to right:
Jem'Hadar helmsman, Betazoid away security, Laotian chief medical officer, Captain Airhead, Burmese lieutenant medical officer, Scottish EPtS engineer, Reman ensign medical officer.

Their Fleet Olympic is a hospital ship. Most crew wear a scarf resembling an archaic stethoscope and a badge with a red cross overlain with a purple Olympic ship silhouette. The Reman is out of uniform as he is not comfortable with bright colours. The Jem'Hadar pilot does not believe in hospital ships so he does not wear the uniform, and tweaks the ship towards Jem'Hadar combat spec in his spare time.

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