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03-08-2013, 03:20 AM
assuming you dont have access to fleet or rep gear

pve you want regen shields( either regenerative cap reg pla or normal cap reg pla)

pvp you want normal capx2 reg or covariant capx2 reg

you want hyper engines either turnx2 or aux spd turn

and a deflector that boosts shields

tac slots
2 tac team 1 - apB thy2 & 2 crf (replace thy with apO if all cannons)
eng slot
run eng team & rsf or eptS & rsf
sci slot
either 2x haz emitters or haz emitters & tss

personally i would only buy the refit for the console then get a mirror advanced(basically a patrol escort) from the exchange

or do you mean a one of the retrofits?
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