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Originally Posted by k668 View Post
Now first off, please don't hit me (you may say "don't PUG" though).

After a couple of months on STO, I've finally gotten round to enjoy Elite STFs - more to the point, I'm starting out with The Cure Found - although I'm not awfully sure about proper tactics and etiquette there. I've read the guide, and needless to say, it usually doesn't play out that way on PUG groups.

I usually opt for guarding the IKS Kang, which often works rather well, although it really seems to depend on whether the guys in the attack groups read the guide as well. At times, I get blown to smitherees because they screw up and let all the nasties through at the same time.

Then there's other times when the attack groups seem to work together so effectively I'm feeling rather useless out there, just intercepting an occasional Raptor now and then. Last thing I'd want is steal the rewards for the others doing the tough job. However, it appears - more often than not - someone will sooner or later let the Kang's hull drop too low for the optional objective to succeed (or fail the mission altogether) unless I keep sitting there waiting for incoming hostiles and asking for an occasional assist. Would that be considered just the right way to do it, rather clunky improvisation or rather do-the-work-while-I'm-realxing-ish?

That said, I'm interested in how you'd usually act on PUG groups and/or how you'd expect people to behave to get the STF done right.
I tend to pick a side to defend Kang and wait cloaked in my Defiant untill the spawns on the side i'm guarding get into range then as i decloak i hit cannon scatter volley 2 and torp spread 3 to cause as much damage as possible, my cannons finish them off.

I then cloak and repeat.