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03-08-2013, 05:44 AM
The thing with the CSE is that there are multiple ways to play it, all valid, and the important part is that everyone be on the same page about it. Attempting to play it using a strategy that worked with one group can result in miserable failure if your new group simply is not equipped to carry it out. For instance, simply destroying the cubes sequentially, RML, is a fast and efficient tactic that works when you have a group capable of inflicting massive destruction, that can simply wipe out any and all spawns with impunity. Trying this with a more mediocre group will result in dismal failure. A more conserative MRRMLL strategy may be better if your group consists of a large number of low-DPS ships, but even this may not be a good plan if you find yourself in a group with 5 Snoozers, where an even more conservative "destroy all cubes simultaneously" strategy may be necessary.

The bottom line being: No single strategy is "best", and you have to adapt your plan based on what you have, especially in a PUG. If everyone sticks to the plan, even a misfit band of Rainbow cruisers can win the day...if people get obstinate and inconsiderate, then even 5 Bugs won't carry you to victory.