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03-08-2013, 06:12 AM
Originally Posted by guriphu View Post
Note that since the Borg do not have Exploit attacks, you are still safe using the Omega shield in STFs.
Quoted from another post for reference. This is not what I'm experiencing in STFs.

I am getting exposed in STFs while shooting at Borg. I am not using the Omega shield, but my teammates are. So I suspect the proc works like this:

1 - when the proc activates, it applies a buff on you that will expose the next target that shoots at you. With the bug, I think this buff is being applied to the enemy instead of the shield owner.

2 - the first person who shoots at the buffed enemy (can be another teammate) will get exposed.

Unfortunately this suspicion doesn't match the tests in the OP, so it might be something else (like Borg actually having exposes). I have also noticed that I get exposed while doing absolutely nothing in STFs, but teammates are fighting. This is all very confusing.

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