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03-08-2013, 06:38 AM
@ grouchyotaku - I'm stuck on your first link (the one require 20 Leaves).

I'm not concerned at all to sell the end product. My goal is to complete the chain. You know, when you enter sector space, open the DOff UI and on the assignment list there is this one where at the end of the title states "(3/4)". Plus, I want the assignment to be removed from the chain list.

As for the parenthesis, I've always presumed that an indicator of 1) how many assignments are in the chain and 2) how many you have completed. So, to me, I'm reading I have the final one to complete, have tried 3x and failed.

I assure you all - I have not repeated the entire chain (the cost of the leaves alone is memorable enough to make me feel confident about that).

It's starting to seem to me that it's going to be about DOff placement and luck
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