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*Deneb Sector, along the Iconian Transport route. The I.C.S. Dor'kat'a and 2 Suuport ships are engaging a squadron of other Iconian Frigates. The Dor'kat'a's shields have taken a pounding, and the Support Cruisers are on fire. A blast from the Dor'kat'a destroys a damaged frigate while the rest make a strafing run and nearly break through the shields.

Dor'kat'a, Bridge. Taragi has a bleeding cut (light blue blood) on his forehead and a beam has collapsed. One of the Command Deck's blast shutters (they cover the windows from the inside in case of a breach) has also sealed. Sparks fly as the Frigates complete their run. Taragi has a look of fury on his face as he sees an Iconian transport convoy begin to leave weapons range.*

Taragi: Hail the Sorkat again!

Darana, stand down! No Iconian has killed another in 500,000 years!

Darana *Over comm*: I have my orders, Taragi! I must carry them out!

Taragi: Shar'ma Kil'!

Weapons Station, stand by to fire, but wait until they're within 500 meters!

Weapons Officer: We could get pretty singed at that range!

Taragi: Not as singed as they're going to get!

*The frigates come back around for another pass.*

Weapons Officer: 1000 meters. 750. 500!

Taragi: FIRE!

*The Dor'kat'a's Secondary Beam arrays tear into the lead ship, tearing it apart as the debris hits the shield. One of the following ships breaks off and passes in front of one of the Torpedo Launcher Banks as it fires 3 torpedoes in quick succession, tearing straight through it.

The Other Frigates either get torn apart by the Dor'kat'a's other Secondary Beam banks, the Support Cruisers' Main Batteries, or break off and withdraw. The Dor'kat'a jumps to warp after the Freighters, dropping out of warp in front of the convoy. The Main battery fires a Warning shot just off the lead ship.*

By order of the Iconian High Command, I command you to stand down or be destroyed! This is your only warning!
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