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10-19-2009, 02:37 PM
Originally Posted by Alekks View Post
One thing that caught my attention was when Jack was talking about after Cryptic got the rights to do STO and they went to Perpetual and interviewed every Perpetual employee that was working on STO and basically told them they had a spot waiting for them at Cryptic to work on STO and not a single Perpetual employee accepted because of the need to re-locate.

That is boggling to me. I can see 75% saying "Thanks but no thanks, don't want to re-locate" due to family committments or whatever, but nobody took them up on the offer? Hmmm.

I know California is a big state and all, but I live in Texas and we have folks re-locating from Dallas to Houston, Austin to San Antonio and every combination all the time. It just struck me as odd.

Now worries though and it was a good piece of STO history to hear about. Good series of interviews.
It depends a lot on salary, cost of living, etc. You would think SF would have a higher cost of living though, but as he said himself, there are some people that just can't shake the SF feel. It's a very beautiful city. But I would sell my soul to work with Cryptic on this project, and for some, that's a luxury that they're not willing to negotiate I guess? (/scratches head).

Either way, though, thanks Rekhan/Cryptic for this. This was exceptional. I hope to see more and more information as we get closer. It's so nice to see how devoted that Craig and the team are to the game. You can really see the passion in their eyes for what they're doing. It makes me jealous as hell. I wish I had a career like that. It would be a pleasure going to work everyday. /sigh

It's nice to see these interviews, because it keeps us all grounded I think on just how much is going into this, and what we'll ultimately get out of it in the end.