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03-08-2013, 11:03 AM
Suggestion 11

Critters. I quite like the critters in STO; however, there aren't all that many of them. I assume that the creation process isn't all that speedy. A galaxy's worth of unique alien creatures is unlikely to ever happen.

What if new critters could be made as easily as player characters though?

A selection of templates, such as serpentine, biped, quadruped, etc. A variety of body parts to go with each one. A selection of skins, like long fur, short fur, fine scales, large scales, armoured, or feathered; with strategically placed dense patches, to cover up any gaps or odd joins which may result from being assembled from parts that don't really go together well.

Then optional bits like horns, tusks, beaks, spikes, wings (perhaps unlocking a 'flying critter' option). Then nice, broad, colour palette to finish.

It would make the populating of strange new worlds with unique creatures a fairly quick process; resulting in fewer empty wildernesses. It would also make a nice addition to the foundry I guess (assuming it doesn't already have functionality like that; I really must try out the foundry someday).


Of course, for all I know, it already works a bit like this; in which case my suggestion just becomes 'Make more critters!'.
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