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03-08-2013, 12:26 PM
Boff layout
LtCmdr Tac
Cmdr Engineering
Lt Engineering
Lt Sci

Oh and since people already started bringing out fantasies:
I'd actually prefer if we got 3 versions like with the other ships as well as 3 consoles making a set.

Tac Console:
Advanced Targeting systems
+ x % acc
+ x% crit
+x% maneuverability

Engineering Console:
High-Yield Warpcore

+ 5 Shield Energy
+ 5 Weapon Energy
(Making with the ships base stats + 10 Weap % Shields and 5 for Aux and Propulsion)
+ x% Energy transfer rate

Sci Console:
Large scale cloaking system

Harder to detect

Set Bonus
2P: Dreadnought Saucer Separation
3 P: 1 Minute Lance CD reduction

Each ship costing 2500; and a 5k bundle would exist.

(I doubt it will happen but it would be cool )