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03-08-2013, 11:29 AM
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I love this idea and it would get me to buy things in the Zen Store. My case in point, I like flying cruisers. I liked the stats on the oddy 3 pack but I do not like the look of the ship - that just how i feel. I much prefer the look of the Galaxy and Ventures. So, I did not buy the Oddy because I did not want to spend all my time playing the game looking at a ship I did not like. But if I could buy the ship and put my Galaxy or venture skin on it, I would buy it in a heartbeat. But right not it is $50 Cryptic will not get.

I don?t understand, for a company that is always complemented for it?s ability to let players customized their look, we seem to be getting less and less of it. Really like how the original ships has three types and that you can mix and match to make a ship that still had the overall feel of the class but could still be a unique look.


Jengoz =/
Yeah. I mean they sold costumes without ships before and it didn't work so now they sell entire ships. I'm not suggesting that they should *not* sell 'entire' ships, but with that change you could buy a ship for its costume, or for its stats- so all the motivations to buy stuff that exist now would apply, and all the reasons to buy or not buy that exist now, would still apply.