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03-08-2013, 02:09 PM
Originally Posted by thepopeofbeers View Post
The JH shield completely overwrites any and all hull patterns. Just like the Reman shield. Trust me.

When the JH shield is equipped on a vessel, even Dominion vessels, it blankets all existing hull patterns with an opaque purple skin and purple detailing. Because the JH shield skin is the same as the default skin Dominion ships come with, it looks like it's resetting your customizations when, in fact, it's not. It's just doing the same thing to your ship that it does to literally every other ship in the game.
I believe what you are saying. However, what I am asking is why it exhibits this behavior when it doesn't have to since it is not actually adding any practical graphics? The purple engine and deflector lighting is fine, but I'm seeing a gray hull when a purple hull should be present instead. Is it possible that the dev's implemented the wrong hull texture on the shield skin?