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Originally Posted by ussfury View Post
Also, for the OP.

You can go to the "Personnel Officer" at Starfleet Academy (or Klingon Academy) and they will have an option for Civilian Recruitment (or something to that effect).

It costs 1000 dil to do the mission, but it acts as a DO mission that doesn't need a DO assigned. When it completes you should have a handful of random assorted civilians (bartenders, entertainers, etc.) White quality.
This is incorrect. Only the 'General Recruitment' assignment costs Dilithium. All of the 'Junior Officer Cadre' assignments can be done with no costs...

(And I should know, as I've been having my Main and all my Alts grind these missions to provide Doffs for the Projects of the Fleet I'm in. We get our Tier V Shipyard in just a few more days...)