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03-08-2013, 02:46 PM
first that was some epic long interview...
almost exhausting to listen to it in full length, but interesting enough to keep me listening

- Typhoon/Jupiter Class: agreed ugly, non-canon, no need

- Stargazer -> has to happen, i want ALL the canon Ships i pay money so you make more, not so you say "ooh this one is ugly, may not sell good enough, lets skip that one" [that is just like YOUR opinion / taste ], i am paying for STAR TREK, not for Cryitic's 2409 wannabe Ships.

- "25th Century Ships Are the Future!" ... imho we got pletny of 2409 Ships, all those +1 skins, regent, armitage and so on. MORE of that? *shrug* as long as you polish the canon Ships up while you sell more made up stuff i'd pay for that.
Personally when i bought the Armitage the first thing i did was to click on the Akira skin, when i bought the Regent first thing i did i clicked on the Sovereign Skin. I wanted the better stats but those made up visuals are nothing that i care for.

- Some older C-Store Ships aren?t exactly up to par. Is it worth it to update them?
yes totally.
not only stats but also visuals.
-> example: when you did the Regent Class i just really wanted a better Sovereign,
you maybe could have gotten more sales out of it if the original Sovereign Class Art Asset had gotten some visual polish time too (there are still some serious issues... like the deflector turning from blue to yellow when the LoD swap happens...)

-> or when the Armitage was made, give the Akira some love too... they go hand in hand, half the buyers will just swap skins because they don't like the new one, the other half will kitbash it with various pieces, only a few fly it like it was sold.
(and honestly the Armitage and Regent are more on the ugly end of things)

- "Lethean Ships?" i don't really see demand for these. for completions sake and to give the KDF *something*... sure why not. But i rarely see a Lethean PLAYER... how many of those are even out there? IMHO that is like asking for a Tellarite Ship... how many Tellarite players do you see on a daily basis? ....yah exactly. AND there was never a Lethean Ship on TV... so *meh*

- "Are bridges really worth it?"
- "C-Store Themed Bundles don?t exactly have the best return. The problem? Ship interiors."
...i'm sad to hear that they sell so badly, i really like them, even if they are mostly useless visual fluff.
Maybe you can start by putting better Pictures of them in the C-Store UI?
There is only this little mockup picture of the items, no good visual hint that there is a Bridge with the whole TV Set beneath it at all. -> ADVERTISING FAIL

- "Suliban ships? Meh, maybe not." .... sure, would be fun to shoot at in a mission or two. As Player ship? uuuh... no not really.

- "Romulan Birds of Prey are 300 years old!" .... Romulan Faction better have some new Ships to offer (i want to see as many Romulan Birds of Prey as there are Klingon Birds of Prey!!!)

- "Why do ships pop up in the C-Store more than costumes?"
i want more outfits... if they look good i'm also willing to pay more... they have been on the cheap end for a while.
i bought them ALL ...the per character stuff in the Lobi Store looks cheaply done and is stupid expensive, so i skip that mostly.
But i bought all the C-Store stuff. The Fleet Uniforms, got my STF armors on most chars by now... can never have enough clothing options! ....and when do we finally get some more KDF Hair !!!

- "The Next Update: User Interface"
i'm a little afraid about this one, i hate the UI as it is now, but i've gotten used to it in 3 years now... if the new one is worse or too different... oh dear. change is scary.

but mostly new UI without new UI tech behind it seems like a waste of Dev time -> UI eats way too much frame rate and produces bottlenecks for the GPU... fix your tech first, then re-do visuals please, or you will just end up redoing it again later anyway.

- "Foundry - Should the Foundry be able to make PVP maps?"
YES totally!
I'm not a story writer... but i bet you i could come up with some awesome PVP Maps, and cryptic has not added a single map in 3 Years, so why the hell not let us do it!
Being scared of exploits is an excuse, not a reason.

- "The Five Star Rating System ? Is it good or bad? What would replace it?"
imho BAD! the Youtube way: thumbs up / down and displaying just that is way better. either i liked it or i did not. There is no clear outline what a 2 or 4 star rating is even supposed to be for the player so it doesn't mean anything to me if another player votes 2 or 3 or 4 stars.

- "What?s the greatest improvement to Star Trek Online in the past 2 years?"
imho: the LARGE Mouse Cursor !!!!!!!! (dead serious about that one)

Gecko being proud about the Reputation System? dude have you even read some of the feedback on the Forum? That was the most un-fun addition to STO since the DXP exploration cluster grind. How can one be proud of that? I'd be ashamed if i had done that. (it has potential to be really awesome, but it just being a currency sink and timegated grind.... and the same 2 passive skills for all 3 classes?... meh ...just MEH! )
The best thing of the Reputation System is when you are finally finished with it.
Fun Level: PAINFUL!
(the maps, by all means are fun, but i did not need a Rep System to play them, Dilithium and FM would have been enough for me to play the shiznit out of Mine Trap!)

- "Doff System Crafted Items: should they get additional functionality to make them desirable again?"
yes totally, having a 4 step chain that already requires uncommon items and then only produces item that nobody wants anymore... whats the use of that?
...and i agree initially i could make a lot of EC through DOffing, by now there are very few things left that have any value. Actually i think we just only need some new stuff for DOffing... has been a long time since anything new has been added ( and i would know, i did not really need to update since Heretic left ! :-( ... DOff system is in maintenance mode if you ask me)

- "Will we get to see Rademaker?s Merian Class?"
I bought the Vesta.... BECAUSE i wanted to see MORE Rademarker stuff, to show Cryptic that it would be a GOOD idea to get more of his stuff, or more fan created stuff in general.
If the Merian Class is good enough for Doug Drexler's Ships of the Line Calendar, then it is good enough for STO!
(not every ship needs to be a $50 C-Store item... not everyobdy is that rich, where are the Cheap Alternatives? We need some 500 Zen ships again!)

- "Can we fix the Defiant?s name lighting please?"
i can give you a laundry list of things to fix on Ships.....
it is right here:
just that nobody seems to care

- "Beam Boats drain too much power. Can they be fixed?"
as i wrote in the other thread, how about giving Cruisers MORE energy? (how about capping it at 200, instead of 125?)

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