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03-08-2013, 04:31 PM
Ive played this game a long time. a few tips for these beasties

if your an escort they are a piece of cake, cannon rapid fire coupled with high yield torpedoes, attack pattern of your choice and tactical team all launched at 8km is usually enough to kill it there and then.

Cruisers read the OP,

Sci - op

Carriers, just set your pets to intercept and they will shoot them down for you.

Beam fire at will is handy.

Prioritise your targets, if you have 3 plasmas comming to you, stop shooting the ship, turn around and run while shooting the torps. very simple, very effective and plain common sense,

DD's are slow, slow to turn, slow to move. use this, if your taking a pounding get out of range and regen for a few seconds. Evasive maneuvers is good for this.

Tactical Team 1 is a musthave on pretty much any ship, its a lifesaver, saved my skin numerous times. it keeps your facing shield as strong as possible, a poor mans rotate shield polarity.

sitting hull to hull (really close) is a deathwish. maintain distance, it gives you reaction time.

personally they take me seconds to wipe out in an escort, and my cruiser they are no threat at all. build your boffs well. having hazard emmiters, Emergency power to shields and transfer shield strength is sufficient for any ship generally, couple this with tactical teams and your good, just remember to cycle these abilities, dont fire them all off at once, and dont punch HE until your around 75% hull to get the most of them. and remember shields reduce torpedo damage to your hull significantly, they can make sure that torp hits for a few hundred instead of 40k. if you cant shoot the torp down at least make sure it hits a shield and not the hull.