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Originally Posted by ryan218 View Post
Sam: They already checked weapons.

James, some of the crew HAVE expressed concern, but only some. No one actually believes that your kids mean any harm, least of all me.

Is this about me assigning T'mar to the kids? I did it because T'mar's the most powerful natural telepath onboard, and she's already developed a bond with them.
James: My worry is that she will tire... They are quite powerful and there is a problem T'mar at some point in time will need to make sure that they can assert their personalities... What ever that substance was awakened a lot more than them but every ancestor in their genetics...

As for those concerns, I understand... But I do think it is wild thoughts and fears..

What I am here for is what I saw... before I woke up...

about that said Ensign... you might want to check the starboard jefferies tube 310 Deck 10 in a compartment. That is only one thing I saw... I will tell you the rest of what I saw.

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