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03-08-2013, 04:21 PM
Had the Galaxy-X some few months after it was initially released. I've used it a few times but always return to another ship. Personally I viewed it as an inferior cruiser to the Excelsior and the Regent, since unlike those ships it couldn't sustain cannon rapid fire.

Recently tried an extreme build (won't mention what it is incase Cryptic nerfs it, but it's totally legit) and found the ship performed excellently. DHC and turret build meant it performed close to the level of an escort (closest a Fed cruiser could get anyway) but with the added bonus of being super tanky.

One thing I did notice is that the spinal lance is a bit rubbish unless enhanced by tactical captain buffs. My DHCs crit so often the unbuffed spinal lance looks puny in comparison. 2x 10,000 just about matches a volley of DHCs. So I wouldn't personally be bothered about it unless you want a nice finishing move or have it buffed.

Still wouldn't fly it into PvP though, it's turnrate is too much of a liability and requires far too much effort.

Will be nice to see how the saucer sep improves the ship.
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