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03-08-2013, 06:16 PM
Yeah, i know there are more important bugs to fix.

I am probably also one of the few ppl who read the patch notes, and see alot of stuff in there like this & this text only fix ...

This is one of those daily missions people do to get dil & kills in a quick & fun way.
All it takes is 1min to find the correct mission source text file and do a search for the wrong word, and fix it.

I am also making a post about it here so there is a record ... which the ingame system lacks.

Gamebreaking bug, no ... neither is the Jem ...

Annoying me every day on every toon i do the mission with to get some dili for my fleets projects, yes, very much so ...

If i didnt think it was important that these kinds of things be fixxed, i wouldt report it 10x.
These are the incredibly small things in the game that when fixxed bring it to a better level.

Aside from the fact that it needs adressing that apparently such small and insignificantly easy to fix flaws are overlooked by the GM's (pwe support, not cryptic) and any ticketing system out there.

Game quality comes from attention to detail, and that also goes for the story & mission content that would draw people into the game.

Can do the Salvage dispute soon again, will report that one too ... thnx for pointing that one out.