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03-09-2013, 12:16 AM
Thanks for quite a bit of constructive feedback here.

Originally Posted by moronwmachinegun View Post
I dunno. PUGs are where I hit the highest highs and lowest lows, if you know what I mean. The rush you get when you manage to finish the optional with seconds to spare on a PUG can't be overestimated. Hell, even if you just barely miss the timer the excitement is still pretty good.
I totally see the point. Things getting awfully close now and then is what makes Elite so attractive.

Originally Posted by bubblygumsworth
If the team splits up and kills both BoPs on each lane first then you will have screwed the BoP respawn timer, resulting in the person on Kang duty being ganked on left and right lanes.
It's that timer and associated spawn triggers that seem to be the real headscratcher for me. I've been trying to figure out the pattern to get an idea of when to expect spawns, but things can get rather distracting, so I've had no luck so far. It only strikes me as obvious that destroyed cubes don't spawn new threats, so what is it that makes it so desirable not to take them down one by one (say, RML)?