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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
I think you are all missing the main issue here ... He is flying a T4 Galaxy.

I did the mistake of getting a Galaxy as my first Captain ship since its the Enterprise-D so its good right? WRONG!

Best T3 ship for Fed? Janeway's death ship ... even the Escorts have problems due to lacking the means to proper fight the Romulans, that is with SCIENCE!

The Galaxy is pretty much the worst ship you can get at T3 because it cannot even SEPARATE and the pay one comes with a fart, if you have the pay one use the fart since the anti-matter spread will act as defense screen too (heavy Plasma will go boom in a fart, like any destructible torp and mine) besides hurting in the process then so I guess you lack the fart and are running on the free one, I suppose skills help but I would say you better off just run mirror event and get a new more capable ship (Assault Cruiser for example) and then get some defensive abilities like Polarize Hull and Hazard Emitters, Reverse Shield Frequency will likely stop it from killing you as you kill it.

Or just skip it and go for the next mission, you lose nothing as you can reply ... sure Ground Zero is very annoying due to how Romulan named ships are a pain but it gets worst as it have a ground section too.
Sorry to say that, but you are missing the point, every ship stands a chance with a proper build. And proper doesnt even mean super-optimal.
And what am I saying "stands a chance", its more like "kicks the warbirds ass". Ships are not everything, weapons are not everything, gear is not everything. Only the mix (synergy) is what counts.
And sorry if you have problems with escorts against romulans, that just means you are flying them in a very very wrong way. As for cruisers, it doesnt matter what level they have, they can tank pretty good.

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