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Originally Posted by orinz View Post
As for Plasma setup, are the [Acc] [Crtd]x2 also for the Dual beam bank and Turrets?

Also, what are the thoughts on the Romulan Plasma weapons?
I use [Acc] [CrtD]x2 because I feel that my dhcs can benefit more from the crit and with crf increasing the number ofshot that means I will crit more often. When I use my dbb I used [Acc] [CriH]x2 because with a 4 second salvo I wanted to increase my odds of criting for when I used Bo3. The Turrets I would go with [Acc]x2 [CrtD]. I wanted the increased accuracy because they fire 360 and if I needed to deal with fighters or high yeild plasma torps I knew I was more likely to hit them. I also chose [Crtd] over [CrtH] on the turrets since they are also affected by crf.

I always chose the modifier based on what the weapon was and what I wanted to do with them which is the reason for the difference.

As far as the Romulan plasma weapons are concerned I like the idea but since I already have all mk xii purple weapons it was hard to justify the dilithium to get them. If you do not have the weapons already they yes the disrupter proc is a fair trade off for one modifier. If I were to buy them they would be the same modifiers except for the x2 part.

As far as weapon performance is concerned each npc has different resistances. For example: at the end of cure space if I am fully buffed up it is not uncommon for my dhcs with crf3 running top crit at 20000 damage on a single shot according to the combat log. however on a cube the best I can crit is 10000 damage per shot. with a 15% crit chance at a global level it happens often. 10000 would be the norm. For some npcs it is less.

A bit more info on the crit
The other nice thing is that crtd stacks with no diminishing returns. CrtD on a global level gets applied to each weapon. since that is at about 80% already the crtdx2 of +50 on the dhc is added to it making my severity of +130. mecause I have +175 plasma damage the raw dps of each shot is that much higher for the 130% crit severity with my 15% chance of it happening meaning about 1 in 7 shots will.