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03-09-2013, 01:06 AM
One thing I don't think many have hit on though is that with the Negh'var there are 5 variants of it but this game only has two version of the original from its first release. Notably though because of Kitbash the Regent model and the Endgame model are virtually the same except for those 2 had something similar to the DBB's we have in the game but the 2 DS9 versions were more like a super cannon. Some could say well you have the autocannon on bortasqu' but like one dev stated when bortasqu' was released it was not designed to use cannons but one of the console powers is a cannon go figure.

I just hope some thought goes into this ship coming up if it indeed is coming out. The bortasqu' started as some hope for the KDF but in the end it was a huge failure only benefitting the kdf players as a storage ship. Here is to hoping they have learned from their mistakes and will surprise me