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Actually the Scorpions I have do about 66 dot and 2800 main hit. they are not toys. 8) There is the one you get from a mission somewhere. It has 50 uses and a 10 minute timer and goes in the device slot. Summons 3 of them and you cannot have more than one at a time. Not a bad deal.

Bold = upgrade
Bold Underline = downgrade
Italics = New proposal or something I"m pointing out. plain text, bold, or bold underline

Retrofit etc Atrox Carrier:
Rank: Admiral(unless there is higher later)
Tier: 5? (Whatever is appropriate)
Type: Carrier/Science Vessel
Hull: 42,500
Shield mod: 1.2
Weapons: 3(4?) fore, 4 aft; Can equip dual cannons
Hanger bay: 2
Crew: 3333
Boffs: Tact tier2 x1, Engi tier2 x1, science tier3 x1, science tier4 x1
Device Slots: 4
Consoles: 2 tact, 3eng, 5sci
Turn rate: 6
Impulse mod: 0.10
Bonus Power: +5 shield, +15 aux
Cost: 5000 zen. Or 2500zen if you have the normal atrox but it gets turned into the upgrade!
Ability: Launch caitian stalker fighters; carrier commands, Subsystem targeting, Equipment slot for a giant hood ornament!

I think this is pretty fair. You can use dual cannons but you get an extra rear instead of a forward, opposite of the dreadnought, for rear defense. Extra +Aux since it goes with everything sciency. Including finding evil cloakers etc. Good for defense and other capabilities.

The only other thing I can think of is to add a universal slot that is science or other wise and allow a new skill. I would Imagine the most logical skill would be the skill the adv carrier pets have, Antiproton sweep, or thoron generator ability. That or if the Atrox does not come with the ability to mask signature like I'm assuming it does give it that ability to innately at this point. I would prefer the antiproton sweep or the signature masking ability personally.

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