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DEV Team,

ALL LONG TERM (Star Trek Online 2.0)

  1. If any of you are familiar with the game ArmA II, it would be really awesome to have user created missions and user created PvP! Of course they would have be un-ranked in order to prevent "Stat Padding" as seen in the game Battlefield 2.

  2. Next, I'd like to talk about user created star ships that we could download from the "Exchange". We can make it a 'Gold Membership' perk. So every month you can upload...say 10 new star ships or shuttles from a que of submissions that you deem fit for duty. And they can only be used in user created missions/PvP as not to infringe on the game itself.

  3. Weapons upgrades should also include additional weapon slots...say one extra for both fore and aft. And console upgrades as well. For example being able to further 're-fit' your ship with extra consoles to bring the total to five.
I agree with a in-game mission editor, it should be built similar in style to the ARMA 2 sandbox as that is really easy to use!!