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03-09-2013, 04:17 AM
At this news, I have only the following commentary:

I am underwhelmed. Honestly underwhelmed. Apparently Cryptic's designers feel that in a glutted market, yet another ****** cruiser is just the ticket-as if we weren't already swimming in cruisers on the store-lists, in a game where they've built the mechanics to favour ESCORTS over all other classes in every form of content available, including PvP AND STF's.

To quote General Martok's forward to the Haynes Klingon Bird of Prey Owner's Workshop Manual:

"...The Negh'Var reflects nothing about me or my approach to battle...The Vor'cha-Class may be capable of Absorbing an attack by an entire enemy fleet of warbirds and any KNOWN alien Battlecruiser. My preference is to Evade such an attack, not absorb it, and return...from completely unexpected coordinates to neutralize the attack with minimal damage to my flagship and the Fleet. The [b]Vor'cha is incapable of such tactics, thereby allowing massive collateral damage while awaiting the cessation of the alien attack before turning to neutralize the enemy ship."[/i]

What part of the concept of NOT standing nearly-still while 5-console DHC toting Fedscorts hammer your hull apart do the Devs fail to understand? Spike goes right to hull points, it's not pressure damage (a mythical creature of the distant past-invalidated by the rise of various Rep passives and such that rendered everything BUT the DHC a waste of space...)

I'm not interested in flying a punching bag suitable only for helping fill the "good day to die" mission. Devs, I want a fighting ship.

Until one is offered, I'm afraid I'll be passing on the slow-moving punching bags, thanks.
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