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03-09-2013, 05:41 AM
I had recently been asking other players which they prefer, Romulan or Omega torps, and why. I mostly received positive feedback for the Romulan torps, and negative about Omega torps. People griped that the Omega's were "bugged", and praised the Romulan's for damage and spam.

I earned both torps shortly after the rep system started. I used both for a short period of time, but quickly realized that the Romulan torps were SO SLOW that they rarely ever had the chance to even hit my target before it was destroyed, let alone timing it for when the shields were down. No matter how much damage you do, not matter how fast shields go down, shields still regenerate every few seconds, and if even a sliver of shields are up when your torp hits it still suffers.

I chose to use the Omega's and have not noticed any issues with them. TS3 with Omega torps is awesome for finishing off a mob that has just been stripped of shields by CSV, and they actually make it to the targets in time to do something. THY1 creates a pretty scary Plasma Energy Bolt for use against big targets. Sure, that is slow and targetable, like the Rom torps, but it hits really hard when it connects. I have had a THY1 Omega Torp hit for over 120k damage against a Unimatrix. I can't say that I have ever noticed the glitching that others complain about, because few things survive long enough for me to use all 5 charges and have to wait for a reload.

In my opinion . . .
Romulan Torps are useless for anything other than destroying stationary targets with high HP, like transformers or gates.
Omega Torps are always useful, and add enough spike damage potential to finish off either mobs or bosses.