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03-09-2013, 05:47 AM
Originally Posted by emacsheadroom View Post
I already suspect the answer to this, but I want to know:

As an engineer captain why don't you try out a cruiser?
my guess would be because PVE content is much easier with escorts and he already found out about this.
Or he simply does not want to play a tank or supporter...which brings the argument up to my first point.

on topic: in my opinion engineering captain works fantastic on both ships...the fleet version for the defiant is available with a t3 shipyard while the fleet multivector needs a t4 SY. This may be a factor for you if you want to directly upgrade your ship after you purchase the z-store base variant.
personally i tend to the defiant for PVP and the MVAE f?r PVE (grav well1 is fantastic for PVE)
But since the breen cruiser (if you have it) is superior to the MVAE in that regard, i would suggest you get the defiant in any case.
Both are nice ships to have, but as i said, if you have a breen cruiser you do not need the MVAE for its ltdcmdr sci boff.
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