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03-09-2013, 10:25 AM
Have you considered there may be a higher rank eventually. There is the whole you can't upgrade your Boff becuase you are not above admiral thing. I'm assuming there may be a higher ship eventually.

Which is too good? It's weaker in every way than the Jem'hadar dreadnought. it's basically the end tier Fed carrier. The klingons have multiples so I figured we get one more powerful if anything.

And since everyone likes to so lightly criticize I'd love to point out that nobody has made a single constructive comment as to what would make it balanced?! Just flippid comments that it's too powerful or whatnot. Those are not constructive by definition. Why doesn't anyone seem to have the capacity to? You all talk from the perspective of absolute and utterly complete knowledge of the game. But I don't see a single shred of evidence of that from how anyone posts. Nobody can even remotely put in a comment that doesn't just blindly state it's wrong... So how about some intelligent posts and some work? Or do we not know what a discussion actually is?

So, what would make it balanced? The last post I made was not the 3 bay version. It was the 2 bay version... Are you guys even reading the thread? I have two proposals up. One is the 3 bay 2 devices with no more slots. The other is the 2 bay with a rear slot. I sort of brought the discussion to the 2 bay one since nobody thinks the 3 bay is feasible(I do since I'm betting they increase rank eventually and it might at one point be a nice variant.).

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