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03-09-2013, 10:47 AM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Whenever we diminish the value of something players have worked hard to earn, we try to compensate whenever possible. In this case, we chose to include a Defense bonus because it is thematically appropriate to the concept of being an elusive target in Space combat.

The changes in this patch both reduce the Stealth values attached to the Subterfuge Trait, and eliminate the stacking of those bonuses. We felt that a small Defense bonus would help mitigate those changes.

What is your specific concern over the Defense bonus? Do you feel that the bonus is too large?
I doubt there is a real concern of adding defence to the flavor.

Concern is more like that now already everyone tries to fill all his TAC BOff stations with Romi blue Male BOff's, and in addition should those changes go live ENG and SCi will be also filled with the respective Romi BOff's.

There is no competative other Space passive that would warrant a diffrent setup.

Edit: After thinking about it and taking PvP into account. Well even more defence on certain Ships could make the game even more unbalanced as it is.
But that's something i rather let the ones with hard facts and numbers throw on the table.

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