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03-09-2013, 10:47 AM
Originally Posted by captan2er0 View Post
This was a long time ago, before PWE forced changed everything on us last year. I'm not sure if you're famaliar with the Pride of Starfleet group, but we had several of their fleet members with us that day when we did that. Remembering them around for this event puts its time table, I think, over a year or so ago if not longer.

That being said, I believe this event is well past due to make a return to the TFBB.
The good old days when mack, Jackle, Hort, and so many others were still around. The more time goes on, the more people seem to give up on STO. There has been a few instances we have tried various combinations of shuttles/fighters versus ships. I believe it depends on the number of players that makes the difference on what level the ship was. Three for T1 and five for T2 or something like that. Regardless, Hort still runs away faster than anyone else to ever appear at a TFBB event. I am definitely up for shuttles/fighters verses a ship if we can guarantee a good turn out to make it a good battle.