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03-09-2013, 10:48 AM
1. Get a Tuffli freighter and put a purple Astrometric Sci on space duty -> Transwarp to every cluster every 5 minutes (except the adjanced ones to Klingon space). I'm using Borg engines on my Tufflis by the way...

2. If that's no fast enough for you, use the mission start points from episodes via replay:

Diplomatic Orders - Vulcan System (SIR) Transwarp cost: 100 ec

War is good for Business - Celes Sytem (REG),close to Arucanis Arm - 300 ec

Coliseum - Nopada System (PV), close to Afehirr Nebula - 5000 ec

Saturdays Child - Aelas System (AC), close to Khazan Cluster - 2900 ec

The Ultimate Klingon - Korvat System (PC), close to KDF Space - 2500 ec

Taris - Iconia System (IP), close to Eridan Belt - 12000 ec

...just to name a few. And yes, they cost some ec to use, but if you do proper doffing, ec are the least of your probs. By the can use these from ground locations like ESD, DS9, etc as well. The good thing is, these 'paid' transwarps don't effect your normal transwarp drive in terms of cooldown and never fail

Need a good map?

There you go...