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03-09-2013, 12:11 PM
Your proposals are for a new ship, not a Fleet version of an existing ship.

If you want an example of what the upgrade from normal to fleet does for a carrier, examine the Fleet Vo'quv:

10% extra hull and shield, 1 extra console.

That's what going from normal to fleet does, not radically remakes the ship by adding hanger slots, weapon slots, or bridge officer slots. Changing bridge officer slots from one career to another is rare but does happen on a few fleet ships (going from Science Vessel Retrofit to Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit exchanges ensign tac and lt com sci for ensign sci and lt com tac, but the total level of powers are kept the same), but that's it.

Calling it a "retrofit Atrox" also makes no sense as the ship is already a VA ship. Retrofits happen when a lower tier ship is raised to VA level.

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