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03-09-2013, 12:59 PM
Originally Posted by warpangel View Post
It could be a mirror universe version of the Intrepid, like the Mobius is a mirror universe version of the Wells. Let's face it, that's how the Terran Empire would build it.

Using the same conversion formula as Wells -> Mobius, with a Fleet Intrepid as base, it would have stats something like this:

Hull: 32,670
Shield Modifier: 1.04
Weapons: 4/3 (dual cannons enabled)
Crew: 200
Boffs: Com Tac, Lt Tac, En Tac, Lt Eng, LtCom Sci
Device Slots: 2
Consoles: 3 Eng, 3 Sci, 4 Tac
Turn Rate: 12
Bonus Power: +10 weapon, +5 aux

It would obviously be an escort-type, so no science vessel inherent skills. As for a console, it could be the Assault Probes they used in the episode...too bad it wasn't shown what it is they do. Or maybe the bioweapon deployed through the phaser arrays.

And of course, owning one should unlock the relevant ship customiser parts for other Intrepid-class ships. Althoug
So its a inferior MVAE without MVAM?