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*R.S.S. Republic. Sam and the Senior Officers are in the Situation Room. Hawk, James and Ensign Lopez are also present. Hawk appears to be leading the briefing.*

Hawk: She's extremely dangerous. She killed a whole garrison of Republic Troops at Solais single-handedly.

Sam: Me and Hawk only barely managed to apprehend her.

Hawk: After you shot me.

Sam: It was an accident.

Hawk: Moving on.

She's a terrorist, who believes that no world can be ruled by an interplanetary government.

Sam: More specifically, she believes that no planet should have any communication with another.

Hawk: I'll make something clear right now: Daro Jenn is a cold-hearted killer, and an expert in close quarters combat. She is also highly skilled with almost every possible weapon you can think of.

Lopez: How can anyone be that skilled?

Hawk: Daro's ex-Assault Ops. She was part of the Assault Ops Black Ops Unit. She had to learn these things.

Sam: We believe she changed attitudes when she was sent into a Romulan Terrorist Cell a year before Solais. That would be when she became a terrorist herself.

Andrews: If she's this dangerous, why'd she get released?

*Sam and Hawk just look at him with an expression saying "really?"*

Hawk: She wasn't 'released'.

Sam: When the Republic in the Alpha Quadrant collapsed, she escaped.

David: What's she doing here?

Sam: The Republic is the Fleet's Flagship. If we're destroyed, it'll be a major blow to moral.

Hawk: And a major coup to the terrorist party who did it. The Kohn Marr thrive on stuff like this.

Sam: Hold on. The Kohn Marr? You did NOT mention she was Kohn Marr.

Hawk: She's not, but the goals are similar - and if she succeeds, I guarantee you the Kohn Marr will be the first to claim credit.

T'mar: So how do we find her. If, as you say, she has a bio-cloak, that'll make locating her very difficult.

Andrews: That cloak has a high radiation output. It's why they're not in field use yet. If she doesn't get medical attention soon, she'll die of radiation poisoning.

T'mar: No problem. I'll post a guard in Sickbay. When she tries to get medical attention, we'll throw her in the Brig.

Sam: T'mar, did you hear a word we just said? She's an expert at CQC. You're good, but she's better.

T'mar: I'll try not to be--

Sam: She's ex-Assault Ops, T'mar. You get basic hand-to-hand combat training as a Naval Security Officer. As an Assault Ops Trooper, she got advanced training. As a Black Ops Trooper, she got even more advanced training. Think old-Earth Spetsnaz.

Hawk: She's also wearing Republic Assault Ops Armour. She stole it from the Quebec before she beamed over here.

Sam: What we need to do is keep her out of critical areas, and I know just how to do that.

We'll de-pressurise the superstructure. Her armour is pressurised, but it'll keep her from entering any of the ships internal areas.

Hawk: Except the Torpedo Launch Tubes.

Sam: Which lead outside the ship. Either way, she ain't got a chance of getting off this ship without us stopping her.

David: What do you think, Admiral?

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