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OOC: Wait a minute... you don't like Vala? She left the Federation to prevent a civil war that would tear her people apart (granted, it didn't work), focused on helping her world recover from everything, and...

Can I get a list of reasons you don't like her? Not explanations. A list will do.

*Republic Base in the Choso System. Vala and her personal guards are about to board a Shuttle to the Donatra when Ramez walks in.*

Ramez: Praetor!

*Vala turns around, before looking to a guard.*

Vala: See to it that the last of the equipment is loaded onto the ship. I'll be along presently.

Guard: Yes, Praetor.

*She walks over to Ramez.*

Vala: Admiral.

Ramez: Praetor, personally, I understand why you're leaving. If your people want to go neutral, we won't stop you.

Vala: Thank you.

Ramez: However, as a Republic Officer, I must advise that you reconsider.

Vala: Noted.

Ramez: Good. Now that that's over with...

*He offers a hand to Vala.*

Good luck. Jolan Tru.

*Vala accepts, and shakes Ramez' hand.*

Vala: Jolan Tru, and thank you.

Ramez: We'll always be here, if you need us.

Vala: I know.

*Vala walks onto the shuttle as it powers up. The Hatch closes and the shuttle takes off for the I.R.W. Donatra.

A few hours later, the Donatra and the bulk of the Rebel Romulan Vessels arrive over Iconia. The Donatra then warps to Hobus; the rendezvous with D'rix.*
*OOC: No just wanna show the family bond.*