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Okay, I had to play this mission four times before I was able to get through this chunk. Turns out if you don't do everything in the right order, it won't let you finish.

1. When you get the ops button to hail the Indianapolis, do that BEFORE you beam up the escape pods, or it won't let you do it later.

2. Beam up the escape pods BEFORE you destroy all the enemy ships. If you destroy the ships first, it will let you beam up the escape pods, but you'll be left with an instruction to destroy the reinforcements, but there won't be any reinforcements to destroy and you'll be stuck.

The escape pods are tucked in with all the debris of the half destroyed moon. You won't get any indicator on the screen, so you just have to look for them, they're pretty small. If you look for the escape pods before going into battle, you won't get shot at, so you should have time to hunt around for them.

This missions obviously pretty badly designed, hope this helps anyone else who gets stuck.