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I'm not concerned with which moniker to give it. I'm just proposing an upgraded version you can obtain. You can call it whatever and place it wherever! 8) Its just an upgraded version with an undecided means. I'm sure if they ever increase the lvs in the game or anything it will fit in nicely. I get this feeling that may not take that long.

And it doesn't need all of it. I was just proposing possible ideas. I don't mean all of them at once.

I think the best addition is to give it an innate Mask energy signature!

So here:

Bold = upgrade
Bold Underline = downgrade
Italics = New proposal or something I"m pointing out. plain text, bold, or bold underline

Fleet(?) Admiral Caitian Atrox Carrier Outfit

A ship upgrade given only to the highest ranking officers and previous pilots of the Caitian Atrox Carrier within the United Federation of Planets. Only Fleet Admirals with access to a top of the line station can get this upgrade to their Caitian Atrox Carrier and only via a Full Refit of your current Ship! This refit will increase several systems for improved durability, defense, and control at an expense to forward movement. Being outfitted with a permanent and improved Signature cloak it will now have fully working shuttle bays with less energy loss while masked for improved versatility in combat. Most of the energy systems were streamlined with and to accommodate the improved masking improving performance of most current systems. Also permitting the addition of one more weapons console on the rear for defensive purposes.

Fleet(?) Admiral Caitian Atrox Carrier: (ACAC! or FACAC! The sound of a kitty hocking furballs! 8p)
Rank: Admiral Or Fleet admiral
Tier: 5? (Whatever is appropriate. I believe 5 will be max from what I've read.)
Type: Carrier/Science Vessel
Hull: 42,500
Shield mod: 1.2
Weapons: 3 fore, 4 aft; Can equip dual cannons
Hanger bay: 2
Crew: 3333
Boffs: Tac Lt. Comm x1, Eng Lt. Comm x1, Sci Comm x1, Sci Capt. x1
Device Slots: 4
Consoles: 2 tact, 3eng, 5sci
Turn rate: 6(5.5?)
Impulse mod: 0.10
Bonus Power: +5 shield, +15 aux
Cost: Tier 5 Fleet shipyard and costs + Normal Atrox which is converted permanently Takes A week to convert! (Add in another appropriate time frame if necessary)
Ability: Launch caitian stalker fighters; carrier commands, Subsystem targeting, Caitian advanced Masked Energy Signature ability

Catian advanced Masked Energy Signature: +X(4705?) Stealth, -15 etc subsystems, +50% defense for 10 Seconds(5 more than normal, was a typo but should it be kept?) after decloak, +Ability to use Hanger bays Masked!

you cannot receive a second atrox carrier on the current character from the c-store while you have this ship. (If that is an issue.)

Other Comments:
The Fleet Voque gained about 10% to things. This gains basically half that in hull (6.25%) and a hair more in crew(11.11...%). If you add the rear weapon then it probably equals out. You are not adding a dual cannon. You are adding a turret or beam array or a set bonus. This also has no shield gains!

This would help make the atrox what is is supposed to be. A stealth sci hunter! It's still a bit flimsy but it has a bit more turn and some extra aux for all those sci and detection needs. Makes it more of an atrox than it is now. the only other thing you could want is if they made a new set of atrox based pets.

Not to mention having to pay 2500 zen and then getting a tier 5 fleet to upgrade it is a pretty hefty penalty to get it. I think that balances out nicely. This should be near to the potential end game version of the Atrox. So take this proposal + or - whatever it takes to make it appropriate to that.

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