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03-09-2013, 08:09 PM
When it comes to ships that are in game being released as playable, I would personally like to see more Fek'ihri ships make the Z-Store cut. In fact on the heels of an widely successful Andorian escort with five fore weapons slots, why not take the in game K'Norr Escort and give it similar BO/Console slotting. It's a nice looking ship, I'd buy it.

As a console incentive maybe redo the Phase Shift generator so you can simply turn it on and off like a general cloak unless you fire, at which point it goes back to the 10 second effect countdown and then has the three minute cool off. And if they didn't want to just recycle a console with an effect, maybe do another one and make it a console set whose effect changes the one that comes with the Kar'fi. Or if they were uncomfortable with doing the five fore weapons slots for fear of "backlash" from the Feds about how "unfair" it is we get something too, why not make it an Escort Carrier?

You could have the hanger item it comes with be Tortured Souls and you need to own the ship to get them. I'd pay for it.

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