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you say that as if kdf cruisers arent practically escorts already. load them up with DHCs, slot a hold, get 3 tech doffs and 2 copies of AtB, get tet glider an a few flow cap consoles, get DEM3, and go kill escorts at thier own game. i can kill bugs in my fleet tkinga and fleet kamarang. before that i had used the vorcha R and negvar with that setup, it worked on both of those well too.

the battle cruiser does not have the problems the fed cruiser has, its a ship that can serve any purpse you want it too, so the more battle cruisers with the remaining station niches fed ships already have are a very welcome addition to me.

before long, i bet there will be fleet tier 3 and 4 raptors, 1 having the MVAM station setup, the other having the armatige station setup. the kdf will get filled out, those would be easy ships to make.
How can I put this so you understand my position..?

Blow all my Doff stations and fiddle bridge officers to turn a Cruiser into a half-assed escort?

Looking at the opportunity cost, at best it ends up mediocre-at worst, it ends up a situation where a similar setup, in a proper light ship, STILL OUT PERFORMS IT.

"Similar" being "Not exactly the same" but close enough to be decisive in a match. A similar AtB/Doff/etc arrangement on, say, a Raptor, Hegh'ta, or B'rel can turn with a Bugship and stay out of his frontal arc-you're not going to do that with a cruiser, not even a "Battle Cruiser".

Base turn rate on a Negh's 9, base turn on a Vorcha/Vor'cha variant is 10, those attack patterns run off that base turn rate-so putting that stackup you suggest on something with a GOOD turn-rate (i.e. 15 or more) nets a stronger positive gain-which is what I've been watching with Kumari, Defiant, Bugship and similar users in the Pugging ques. (watching tooltips is neat, you learn a lot-the guy who's keeping APO up with no down-time for instance...or seeing the counters running on how many energy types that Defiant's resisting simultaneously. Fascinating...)

(along with the Elite fleet shields which are hitting faster for the Fed fleets than they are for ours across the board, but that's irrelevant here).

But the real 'gap' in coverage for the KDF isn't in the cruiser scene. We have GREAT cruisers, Feds have to get the Chel'Ghett to match what we can get at Brigadier in terms of Cruisers, and frankly, our Fleet/C-store versions are strong runners (well, except maybe the Oddy-clone Bortas...)

Certainly there are KDF players who quite like Cruisers. I don't, I want turn rate, I want speed, I want to be able to apply firepower without spending all my Duty officer slots to try and bump my turn rate up to something viable when I'm facing Three FedScorts and two Sci's and one of the 'scorts is a JHAS while the other two came out of the fifty dollar box set along with both sci ships (say, Oddy Sci and Vesta, for an easy example...)

Currently I'm doing this mostly in a Hegh'ta I got when I levelled to 50, because the B'rel's just toast in Arenas and I'm trying to develop my Engie and my sci toons to the same level as my 'main' tac-toon.

Please understand...I TRIED to like Battlecruisers. REally, I did. I tried to like them in my Engineer toon and my Tac both. I TRIED to like not having a Commander Tactical station with APO3, or CRF3, most often being restricted to a Lt. Tac and an ensign and relying on Duty Officers to try and make up the difference.

I NEED my attack patterns, I NEED my turn rate, I NEED to not-be-crippled because the other side's got more movement than I can squeeze out of the chassis.

I NEED to be able to beat them on the Position game. Cruisers, even BATTLE Crusers, don't do that except against other Cruisers-and increasingly, I'm not SEEING whole cruiser teams on the other side, not even in Ker'rat.
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