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03-10-2013, 03:33 AM
Several things. First is the Assignment: Support Colonization Efforts only able to be 1x a day? What I mean if I do it in Delta Volanis, will it just not appear again in any location it could until 24hrs? I don't see any mention of this on the wiki if this is the case.

Second, is there a list or site or link that says which are "ideal" choices from Lieutenant Ferra on DOFFs to get from him in his different categories with either the leveling commendation or Dilithium? I made a list of different assignments, mainly ones that generate DOFFs/Refugees/Trading so I could pick semi decent DOFFS thru him. It's quite a pain going thru his list, then choosing, then later seeing that DOFF while being a Tech or Security Officer that I need for a position has some very bad traits. For example I found that Scott Benjamin Orwell in Trade tier 1 has 3 traits for Support Colonization, as does Drysi Moroun from Development Tier 2. I would just like to be able to have some foresight into his different DOFFs and not making a bad choice, like there's a nice Trader in one tree, but there's another Trader in another and I should get the Conn Officer in the first tree instead.

Finally, I would like to have made a new post but I'm unable to create new topics, possibly because I'm free? Even though the message says quote:

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