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03-10-2013, 05:33 AM
Most recent experiences, all elite space pugs:

Khit Accord - some random assault cruiser, my recluse with reman/romulan setup, some 3 guys I didn't actually see. I sat on right probes, killed the gens closer to portal, cruiser guy helped with the cube, and we killed the trans. Than I told the cruiser guy to kill gens on the other side and pull the cube to me. That went smooth. Suddenly a cube from other side wandered to me and I ha to pop it. Cruiser guy was killing the far trans, and we managed to kill the gate in reasonable time. Other 3 guys on left side were killed repeatedly and let 9 probes pass...

Infected, optional done, 7:50 left on the clock.

Than Khitomer, one guy stayed dead for more than 10 minutes. I wrote something like "do something or you will be reported as non-participant". He spawned, got killed twice, and ran over 50 km away form action... we managed to finish it, but no optional.

Cure, we warp in and some guy asks who will guard kang. Instead of responding I zoom forward in my escort and kill right bops. Then I move to middle cube and I see a sci ship ignoring bops and shooting at probes. After dispatching bops myself I ask the guy why wasn't he shooting them. "But I was". Yes, he killed bops so hard that they were shooting Kang. Second guy wrote to me " why don't you guard it then you can do such a great Fing job". Third guy: "if your not happy do it yourself". After killing one probe I look back and see left bops torping Kang. Yes, left bops from initial spawn. Both wiseguys were dead, killed by left side initial spawn. I blurted something about them killed by one-shot bops and chose leaver penalty. When I appeared back at ESD, one of them messaged me (with smile) "yeah not in my cruser so its hard to stay alive".
This one took a bit over 2 minutes...
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