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03-10-2013, 05:48 AM
let's see...

D'Moj(Female Orion Tac): Lena Headey.

Eialu (female Orion Sci): Claudia Black

Uminoe (Joined Trill): not sure. Maybe Claudia Christian (or someone with a similar accent)

R'roirrachht (Ferasan): Not sure, maybe Joe Pesci.

"Pops" Montoya(Human Tactical): one of those "character" actors who can do a Spanish/Mexican Diplomat accent. The character's supposed to be in his seventies and 'drafted' back in because of a bureaucratic mistake that accidentally put him on the same recall list they use for Vulcans...

"Patricia" (Trill, Engineer): who does a good 'happy person'-you know the type, they seem to be cheerful, helpful, thrifty, and brave even when the doctor's told them they're not going to just die of some exotic and painful disease, but that they'll also rise up after death and be patient zero of the next zombie epidemic...
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