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Thanks for that thread, seeing that it seems that person focuses on completely different missions than myself, should I not be focusing on the missions that I posted about earlier? Mainly those that award DOFFs/Refugees/Trading? I hope someone can chime in with any other info on the lower tier DOFFs. Also I just want to clarify so you are saying that if I do the Delta support, I could also get the Betreka support at the same time?
Also thanks for the channels, do you join by just typing /join followed by the channel or is it some other way?

If the supports are available you can do all 14 at the same time, linky below of all the specials you can get including the support ones - its a very good list as there are links to where they come from

Some of the support purples like Maela the Delta doc is very good for supports as she provides 2 critical traits towards them

Some of the best ones are the Asylum missions and the Officer exchanges on Cardassian space

To add channels, if you right click on the chat tab- above the chat box - go to channels and type in the group you want to join in the box and click join, if you click on the tabs button you can change the colour of that channel so you dont get them mixed up in chat