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03-10-2013, 08:01 AM
I tend to buy it soon as my Tac. Capt. gets up to level to use it (lv 30). I see it a good buy since its cheaper than the Fleet purchase, the weapon levels as you level, and I get the ship skin. Plus looking at the Defiant vs the C store, it is slightly better. As it comes with an additional slot. What what I can remember from viewing it a while back. So this will help out my Capt. at lv30.

Later as I hit lv50. I plan on using the Defiant Class as my primary ship. So those cannons will be on it as well. And make a good option to use other than the Prometheus and Andorian ship I will have as well at that level. I usually try to have around 3 ships to pick from at times, and to rotate. I will keep the QCs on the Defiant since I have plans on making each ship different from each others as well.