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03-10-2013, 07:44 AM
Originally Posted by adjournon View Post
Okay, so I've been level 50 for a while and not too long ago I saved up and bought the Sao Paulo class for the Quad Phaser Cannons [Dmgx4]; and now I recently got the Advanced Fleet Dual Heavy Cannons [Acc, Dmgx3] and I'm looking at the DPS and there is only a 1.9 difference?!?

The whole endeavor seems like a rip off now. Why would anyone bother to buy an entire ship for 1500 ZEN when 10000 Dilithium (roughly 63 Zen at 160 per) will get you a weapon with just 1.9 Damage Per Second less (out of hundreds or .3% less) with higher accuracy and a higher critical damage bonus that doesn't drain your engine power?

Quad Cannons need a major DPS increase (or SOMETHING) to be worth the expense. Am I wrong?

You are most certainly right.
When you pay for a Quad cannon the bugger had better fire, and do the damage of, 4 of something!
You should be looking at over twice the damage of the Fleet DHC...that's kind of depressing.

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