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OOC: The first paragraph was directed at the Transport. The second one was to Voporak.

*Taragi's ship moves in closer to the transport. The Transport drops shields so Taragi's men can beam aboard.

Transport Cargo Bay. A detail of Iconian Soldiers from the Dor'kat'a are searching the bay, analysing the equipment the Transport was carrying.*

Soldier 1: Power Couplings, plasma manifolds, Zeta infusers...

All Iconian in origin, sir.

Taragi *Over comm.*: Team 4, bring me the Transport Captain. I want to know where these supplies were headed.

Team 1, continue your sweep.

Soldier 1: Understood.

*He comes to a crate, which is humming slightly.*

Sir, we've come across a crate of equipment, which appears to be active.

Taragi *Over comm*: Let me hear it.

*The tone becomes louder and louder.*

Transporter Room, get them out! NOW!

*The Transport explodes, with the blast and debris damaging the Dor'kat'a. Two Iconian Cruisers gate in and lock onto the Dor'kat'a.

Dor'kat'a bridge. Taragi stares out the bridge windows as he watches the Cruisers close in.*

Taragi: They were waiting for us. This was a trap.

Call for reinforcements!

Female Iconian Commander *Over comm*: I.C.S. Dor'kat'a, this is Commander Sarana of the TRUE Iconian Warship Tal'maan. We have locked on and are prepared to use deadly force!

Taragi: Sarana? You would betray your own people?! You would MURDER your own people?!

Sarana *Over comm*: You have 60 seconds to decide. Surrender... or die.

Taragi: I do not require ONE, Sarana!

Weapons batteries! FIRE!


*The Dor'kat'a's shields come online as her main battery fires on Sarana's Cruiser. Both cruisers commence firing on Taragi's vessel. The second cruiser is stormed with secondary beam fire while the Dor'kat'a is hammered by Zeta Torpedoes and the Main Batteries of the Cruisers.

The Black Phantom hears the Dor'kat'a's distress signal.*
Voporak: Full stop. Take us back there. Hail Taragi.

*A channel is opened to the Dor'kat'a*

I am prepared to transport you or anyone else off your ship, Commander, but engaging both of those cruisers would be suicide. I am en route to your location now, if you want an emergency beam out, send me your coordinates.
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YAY I'M EVOLVED! *drools on his chin*
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Welcome to the STO forums, where the evolutionary clock ticks backwards.
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