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well if your not using an escort never mind. if you do, and you use DCs over DHCs, your not going to do well. you will learn to love the effect they have on shield faceings then. i know what you mean about escorts, i use more off beat escorts like ships like destroyers because i hate that they are the only dangerous ships, and large ships of the line are helpless.
I exactly know how you feel.

I bought myself a Moebius (don't ask what i had to do to get enough money, lol), but i must say it's extremely nimble compared to my Mirror Assault cruiser. Maybe i just have to get accustomed to it. But i reach a turnrate of 43+ sometimes, that's really confusing if the ship overdrives in Battle, lol.
Maybe this sounds crazy, but i really wish there where a way to make it a bit slower turning. When looking at the ships stats i never would have thought it being so fidgety.

I tried your Moebius build, especially its BOFF, console and DOFF layout, and did some Fleet actions, missions and stuff i do everyday.

But even if the ship isn't so nimble ayymore (i'm not certain if its me getting accustomized to it or the different BOFF powers), i can't get get the feeling of it being a improvement over my Mirror Assault Cruiser.
That's not against your Build, but more just a matter of "feeling".

Surely the Moebius got more firepower and it's survivability is almost the same, but still, it just doesn't feel like a Star Trek game anymore.
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