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Sam: Agreed, on all points.

Ensign Lopez, I want you to have a full security sweep done on every member of the crew.

Lopez: Captain, you're talking about 1500 people! Only 30% of the crew is made up of Security Personnel, who are going to have to undergo checks as well.

Sam: Use whatever resources you need, but I want it done by the end of tomorrow.

Lieutenant T'mar, I want more Security posted at the Airlocks - particularly those on Deck 5.

T'mar: Understood.

Sam: Dana, work with Doctor Andrews. I want a way to detect those aliens as soon as possible.

Dana: Right.

Sam: Commander Mitchell, how long can we remain out of dock?

Mitchell: We have enough rations to last a year, and the Power generation systems will keep the replicators going, but the warp core will need another Dilithium Crystal replacement in 2 months. We are on our last crystal in the Core as it is.

Sam: Without the Core?

Mitchell: The Fusion Reactors can power the critical systems, with the Auxiliary Batteries and MAMs powering the non-essentials, but the Reactors will need servicing in 6 months, or we'll have a radiation hazard.

Bottom line, I'd say we can remain independent for 6 months, at most.

Sam: That should be plenty of time to find Daro.

Doctor Andrews, I want your staff prepared to conduct every medical test you can come up with on the entire crew as they leave Security.

Andrews: I'll have Doctor Mamora make the arrangements.

Sam: Commander, we need someone on DS61 to explain the situation and keep them up to date. Once you've been cleared by Security and Doctor Andrews, beam over to the Station and work with Commander Samson there.

David: Understood.

Sam: Lieutenant Danvers, you'll have to handle bridge operations when I'm off duty until then. Think you can handle it?

Ops (Lt John Danvers): Yes, ma'am.

Sam: Alright. Everyone save Admiral Allen and Agent Hawk, dismissed.

*Everyone else walks out, leaving James, Sam, and Hawk alone in the Situation Room.*

James' before you say anything, I know the precautions we're taking against those aliens aren't a lot, but we don't have enough data. If you could ask Damon to work with Dana and Doctor Andrews, it would be a great help.

Besides, we don't even know for sure that there IS another infiltrator on the ship.

Hawk, is there anything else about Daro I should know? Anything that might have changed since Solais?

Hawk: Not a lot. She's been on the run from both the Preston Republic, and the Rebel factions since her escape.
James: He has filled in Dr. Mamora and myself... He mentioned that they were like a hive mind but still retained individuality just shared who they collected.. But he did mention whistling that would make them lose their copied form... Though he did not know the frequency and doubted that we could replicate it... Unless we could capture one of the masters... I am all for a vivisection to find out more... This is a time of extremis and we are not sure how many are out here...

*His thoughts race at a fast pace that he can utterly control.*

I would think that the they are a kind of advance force, securing a foothold in this galaxy...

I would believe that they consider select people here as a very strong threat against them... Myself included on that hit list, perhaps Preston himself.. the vanguard... and the Republic Admiralty might be compromised it would explain a lot...

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