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Originally Posted by voporak View Post
*Voporak thinks for a moment, because it will be a direct violation of his orders*

Voporak: Charge all weapons, load torpedo bays, route auxiliary power to the engines. Attack pattern Omega Six.

*The Phantom drops out of warp and maneuvers through the chaos of weapons. It begins firing at the first cruiser*

Voporak: Target their weapon systems.
*With the Black Phantom's assistance, the Dor'kat'a is able to refocus it's attention on the Second Cruiser, which has managed to get too close for comfort. The Dor'kat'a brings its Main Antimatter Battery to bear before firing at near-point blank range. The cruiser loses shields but the First Cruiser gets a hit on the Dor'kat'a, dropping her shields as well.

Both cruisers begin firing Zeta Torpedoes into the Dor'kat'a, shedding her armour and causing hull breaches.

(Bear in mind, the Iconian Mothership is HUGE, even compared to the Scimitar. In fact, they're three times the size of a Scimitar. That's a lot of armour, a lot of hull, and a lot of crew (over 7000), so it can take one hell of a pounding. That's one of the reasons this ship has such a massive bridge. The ship is so large, that the crew has to operate the weapons in teams. One crewman will handle each weapon, and a full team handles infra-ship comms. The ship even needs multiple helm officers during docking manoeuvres!

Now, that might seem like a disadvantage, but in reality, it means the crew must work in constant tandem with eachother, which enforces teamwork and contributes to the sense of brother/sisterhood that exists between Iconians.)

The Dor'kat'a fires all weapons on both ships, taking care not to hit the Black Phantom, before the First Cruiser loses shields. However, the Constant Fire from the First Cruiser's Main Battery (i.e. 2 shots. Remember, there's a much longer recharge on that thing for the Cruisers than the Mothership.) causes a major hull breach in the side of the ship.

Dor'kat'a Bridge. Sparks are flying as Taragi looks at the Holo-screen showing the First Cruiser attacking.*

Tech: We have fires on decks 78 and 79! Hull breach on Decks 12 through 27, Port Aft sections Gamma through Zeta!

We have lost Secondary Beam banks 28A through 29C!

Taragi: Bring us around! Target their engines!

Tech 2: Targeting Engines!

Tech 3: Coming about!

*The Dor'kat'a brings her bow to face the first Cruiser, and fires her Main Battery and Zeta Torpedoes.

They rip into the cruiser, disabling her as the Main Battery's blast rips off her drive section.

The Dor'kat'a then focuses all fire on the Second Cruiser, firing her main battery and tearing the cruiser in two.*

OOC: Also, the cruisers are the same size as an Odyssey.

Be assured, if the Black Phantom hadn't arrived and/or Taragi wasn't in Command of that ship, the two Cruisers would have been able to destroy the Dor'kat'a, or at the very least, cripple her.

However, the damage done is still heavy. Taragi wouldn't send the Dor'kat'a into battle with that much hull damage. The particular area hit also leads to the Warp Engines and Gate-Drive, so power to those systems has been halved until a bypass is set up.

But, the Dor'kat'a is still capable of star flight.
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